April 16-22, 2018 – Advanced Katana Forging Course

This is a new offering in our line-up of classes for 2018. We’ve had many requests for a class covering the forging of a katana length blade. This is an opportunity open to those who have already completed the Basic Forging Course or who already have mastered the fundamentals of bladesmithing.

This will be a seven day course due to the extra work involved in the forging and shaping of a blade of this length.

Students of this class will forge-weld a billet of composite cable with a double-twisted cables running along what will become the cutting edge and straighter grain cables along the back. A blade of katana length (24+ inches) will then be forged to shape with hand hammers.

Once the hand forging is complete, students will use both grinders and files to shape the katana blade. The blade will be prepared for heat-treatment using the traditional clay application method.


The price of the course is $2400 and is limited to four students per session. A deposit of $800 is requested, refundable up to 90 days before the session begins.

0 spaces remaining in this session.

Sorry, this class is FULL!